Types of tiles – Some concise tips to help choosing tiles for your renovation

11 November 2019 By George Abou-Haidar Ceramic Tiles Technically, most tile types are “ceramic”, that is, they are made from natural clay that is mixed with water and moulded, then baked in a kiln. It is the density of the clay, manufacturing process and additives used in manufacturing that define tiles. Hence, ceramic tiles are generally characterised as […]
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Waterproofing under or over the bathroom bedding? (Screed)

29 July 2019 By: George Abou Haidar Easily over fifty percent of our bathroom renovations were commissioned due to failed or incorrect waterproofing systems.  It is therefore no surprise that clients want to be assured that water will never strike from their bathroom again. As such, I have had multiple conversations about water proofing systems, and often such […]
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